Development jewel in Eichwalde: building plot for profit-conscious investors!


The building plot on offer offers an excellent project planning opportunity for developers - be it for their own portfolio or for sales. The location and quality of life of the location make Eichwalde a sought-after, promising investment location.

Possible new building (based on neighbourhood development):

An apartment building with
+ 8 - 10 residential units
+ 6 - 8 parking spaces
+ Living space of approx. 560 m²


On the well-kept property with an area of 996 m² there is a small existing building and a driveway to a garage. A cost estimate for the demolition costs is available and we will be happy to provide it, including contact information.

According to official information, there are neither construction nor contaminated sites. A soil survey has not yet been carried out, but we would be happy to arrange a network partner for this if necessary.


The property is located in the interior of the municipality of Eichwalde. According to the present zoning plan, we are located in a general residential area (WA). Since a development plan does not yet exist, the admissibility of building projects is based on Section 34 of the Building Code (BauGB). A project must then fit into the surrounding area according to various criteria.

An orientation towards the neighboring house results in the possibility of building an apartment building with 8 - 10 residential units and the construction of 6-8 parking spaces.

The following criteria can be seen in the buildings in the surrounding area:
Permitted floors: approx. 2 (this refers to full floors, an additional attic could be created)
Ridge height: approx. 12.1 m (maximum height of the top edge of the roof)
Eaves height: approx. 6 m (maximum height between the ground level and the eaves or drip edge on the roof)

It doesn't matter whether it is a two-family house, a town villa or an apartment building. You will receive the final permit after submitting a building request.

The immediate residential area is characterized by well-preserved to modern single-family to two-family houses as well as multi-family houses, which are located in a mature environment with a harmonious milieu structure. The immediate neighborhood also includes Lake Zeuthen and an extensive forest area to the north.

The development of the property is secured because all relevant media are on the street or in the existing building (electricity, gas, water, sewage, internet).


For rent: Conservatively, the calculable rent for a normal standard residential building for 1-2 room apartments is around EUR 14.00/m² on average. Assuming a living space of approx. 560 m², this results in a yearly rental income of approx. EUR 94,080.00. There is further rental potential in the construction and rental of outdoor parking spaces (approx. EUR 65.00 each/month) or, if necessary, underground parking spaces (approx. EUR 90.00 each/month).

For sale: On a conservative basis, the calculable selling price for condominiums in a divided residential building in the normal standard is approximately EUR 4,500.00 per m² on average. Under this assumption, sales proceeds of approximately EUR 2,520,000.00 would be expected.


As far as we know, the sale will be handled as an “asset deal” and no shares in a corporation will be acquired.

Construction and/or contaminated sites are not known. The development is secured or given in the existing building.

New building depreciation: An increased linear depreciation of 3% has been possible for new apartment buildings since January 1, 2023. There is also the possibility of special depreciation in the amount of: 5% if your building meets the EH 40 efficiency house standard incl. QNG seal. This additional special depreciation can be applied over a period of four years.


KfW supports everyone who invests in climate-friendly construction with the following program:

Climate-friendly new building - residential buildings (297, 298)
+ Promotional loan from 0.01% effective annual interest rate for new construction and first purchase up to 150,000 euros per residential unit
+ Efficiency house EH 40 without oil, gas or biomass as heating medium

Loan Renewable Energy – Standard (270)
+ Acquisition and construction of a photovoltaic system and other systems for generating electricity and/or heat
+ Requirement: partial feed-in (feed-in tariff is possible)

How does it work? You can discuss your wishes with a credit institution of your choice or with our financing partner and carry them out together.


Can you already see the excavators rolling in in your mind's eye? Then contact us today on 030 - 54 87 13 40.


Objektart: Renditeobjekt
Adresse: Bitte Kontakt aufnehmen für Informationen.
Verfügbar: Sofort


Grundstücksfläche: 996 m²

Raumangebot und Ausstattung

Schlafzimmer 1
Badezimmer 1
Anzahl Stellplätze: 2


Kaufpreis: 330.000 €
Käuferprovision: Provision in Höhe von 7,14% (inkl. MwSt.) trägt der Käufer
Hinweis: 7,14 % Käufer-Provision vom Kaufpreis inkl. MwSt., verdient und fällig mit der Beurkundung



+ Profitable investment with 8 - 10 residential units in the popular and promising community of Eichwalde

+ New building potential of approx. 630 m² gross floor area or approx. 560 m² living space.

+ achievable JNKM in the amount of approx. EUR 94,080.00 plus parking spaces

+ achievable selling price after division and individual sale approx. EUR 2,520,000.00

+ optimized wealth creation through inflation protection

+ convert tax burden into valuable assets thanks to special depreciation

+ optimal rentability on site thanks to very good infrastructure, harmonious environment structure and close proximity to nature in a popular recreational and excursion destination

+ Deal type: Asset deal

+ and much more



Why Eichwalde is so suitable for investors:

The high quality of life within the community should continue to be strived for and maintained. In 2020, the guiding principle of “idyllic, lively, neighborly” was established for the garden city and, in the process, a corresponding integrated urban development concept was adopted.

Although Eichwalde is an independent municipality, it works closely with the neighboring municipalities of Schulzendorf, Zeuthen and Wildau. This inter-municipal cooperation is part of the urban development concept and is intended to enable strategic goals to be better achieved. Joint financial and strategic planning means that communities are supported equally and function as a unit. This creates high added value, particularly in traffic or school location planning, municipal administrations or sports and leisure funding.

The municipality of Eichwalde is located in the Dahme Spreewald district, which has developed into a strong business location over the last 25 years and is known, among other things, for the many logistics centers of well-known companies along the motorway.

Eichwalde and its neighboring communities are also part of the “Southeast Boom Corridor”, which was even included in the coalition agreement of the Berlin state government and thus recognized. The “Southeast Boom Corridor” is the new narrative for the dynamic value creation potential in the triangle between BER Airport, Tesla Gigafactory and the southeastern Berlin urban area (e.g. the Adlershof science location). For more information, see


A positive example of regional funding is the BADC (Berlin-Brandenburg Area Development Company), which supports companies setting up in the airport area by providing ecologically sensible and bundled compensation measures in an “intermunicipal area pool”. BADC GmbH gives area users and owners the opportunity to to offer suitable areas for the implementation of nature conservation measures and saves project sponsors the time-consuming and costly search for suitable compensation areas.

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER), located to the northwest, has opened its doors to the public and will develop into a location of the future. Hotels and branches of well-known companies, e.g. from materials testing, are being built on the site - an innovative and lively place.

The Tesla “Gigafactory” for the production of batteries and vehicles, located east of Eichwalde in Grünheide, can also be easily reached in around 25 minutes by car.

The “nature” experience in the entire Dahme Spreewald district with its numerous lakes as well as the diverse and high-quality cultural offerings make the region not only worth visiting but, above all, also worth living in!

Traffic situation:

Eichwalde is excellently connected to Berlin and the most important junctions in the area via the feeder roads with the A113, A117 and A10 motorways, the Adlergestell and the S-Bahn lines S46 and S8. It is about 15 minutes to the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport.

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